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Albert Bernard, Eva Chytilek, Marlene Hausegger, Jakob Neulinger,
22 Jul 2012 - 28 Jul 2012




“Triptych Trippin’” is a project in three parts: a travel exhibition rather than a travelling exhibition. New York, Los Angeles, Vienna. Concrete and/or concrète: contemporary hobo-ism as the new avant-vagabond, or just dharma bums with credit cards?  Hobos, Hitch hikers and vagabonds sparked the imagination of rest of the world and left a unique aesthetic of the ephemeral, including a whole universe of signs and symbols. "Triptych Trippin’" is an exploration of exploration.


Join us at Local Project (45-10 Davis Street Long Island City www.localproject.org) on July 21, Latned Atsär (3222 W. Jefferson Blvd. Los Angeles www.latnedatsar.com) July 26 or Lust Gallery (Hollandstraße 7/15 1020 Vienna www.thelustgallery.com) on September 6.


With Albért Bernàrd, Eva Chytilek, Marlene Hausegger, Jakob Neulinger,


Triptych Tripping is curated by Max Lust and supported through the Austrian Federal Ministery for Education, Arts and Culture and the Austrian Embassy Los Angeles.

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