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Konrad Friedel
18 Apr 2013 - 27 Apr 2013

The utmost artistic freedom is reflected in Konrad Friedel’s work: The liberty
of the autodidact. To whom but himself such a person would have to submit?
Coming from the masterhood of the carpenters trade, Friedel experiments on
ample scale using different materials and their capacities. From just one hand
there develop – mostly unique, and sometimes in small editions – luminaria,
sculptures and, as he has started with, furniture. He unconventionally combines
different materials - wood, metal, glass, concrete, epoxy resin and also drapery,
which leads to extraordinary forms, conditioned by the material. The form of
each object remains precise and elegant. His artistic language completely keeps
away from academic discourse. From the beginning his forms are lively and
almost physical. Looking at Friedels work one can feel directly his enormous
power, with which it is drawn out of some anonymous enigma. It makes one
think of Constantin Brancusi’s simple answer to the question , whether art can
be learned, who said: “An unfertile woman cannot give birth.”

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