Search Engine

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Alfred Lenz
20 Feb 2014 - 01 Mar 2014

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Everybody is looking for something, and thats why Alfred Lenz made a search engine. His keywords are unknown, but lets just follow him, right now, right here. A googolplex of possibilities guides us through a maze of opportunities, we follow the water veins instinctively, digging through the other side of the world. Slowly but surely the maslow pyramid turns upside down, and the stars in the sky turn into twelve sided dice of chance.  We still wander in the dark, but everything seems illuminated. The search engine swaps the what with the how, and the if becomes the now, we ourselves turn into antennas of the unconscious, and all of a sudden the map becomes the territory. Because we all know: its all there, we just have to reach out.

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